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DFHM model: Dynamic fault handling model for Webservices

DFHM model: Dynamic fault handling model for Webservices Fault Handling has emerged as one of the major concern in web services to achieve robustness and fault tolerance in service-oriented architecture (SOA). Nowadays web services has become hot-cake for business organizations due to its reusability, interoperability etc., features and its support for SOA implementation. Web services allows other components by converting as web service component to take the maximum advantage of its feature that are being offered by web services interoperability (WS-I) organization. By considering high dependability and fault tolerance of web services it facilitates to offer quality of service (QoS) to its consumer. We proposed Dynamic Fault Handling Model (DFHM) for web service. This model deals with faults and their categorization that occurs in SOA environment. Also it takes care of their causes of faults that affect dependability and fault tolerance of web service. This paper also presents a novel method for managing the faults that occurs during the execution of process. The proposed DHFM model concentrates more on verifying the manageability of web service. The dynamic management of fault has been given high priority. The proposed model has two important components to provide dynamic fault handling during execution of service that is work-flow analyzer and configuration manager. Proposed model becomes advantageous to SOA implementation considering its various features.

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