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Implementation of SCADA in industries using wireless technologies

Implementation of SCADA in industries using wireless technologies The manufacturing industries tend to meet the ever increasing demands of people thus playing a major role in everyday life. On the other hand, there is a need for fast and safe manufacturing process as well. Large scale industries with better financial health can easily make use of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) devices available in the market. SCADA helps to overlook the process from every angle. This feature has become a necessity as it helps to keep tab on all processes inside the plant and alarms the staff if in case of an emergency. Since safety is a major concern in any manufacturing industry, use of SCADA can help in curbing the accidents occurring in the plant thereby saving precious human lives. Small scale industries however with poor financial health have to manage with lower end PLCs to implement the manufacturing process. These small scale industries cannot implement SCADA and thus it becomes difficult to keep control over the plant. We intend to introduce a SCADA like device which is low cost and behaves as a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) and helps in gathering the data from the PLC. The remote terminal unit will gather information from a series of PLCs and create a database of the incoming information. This information is then sent to a server (Control Room) using Zigbee. The required parameters can also be shared to a handheld device using a bluetooth module (Real Time). The plant manager also gets notified through SMS sent from a GSMmodule. This device will help the small scale industries monitor and supervise the PLC which are used for different processes in a better way.

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