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Component based exception handling framework for SOA based services

Component based exception handling framework for SOA based services Fault handling never became trivial task for the applications since decades as it is abnormal situation that may occur when application running in a production environment. So coming to the distributed application component such as webservice also fault handling needs more sophisticated approach to ensure QoS of service. Recently, Webservices has become a defacto standard for developing loosely coupled distributed application component due to the support of interoperability irrespective of the platform and language however still webservice architecture fails to provide enough support for fault handling in SOA based services so that business organizations can provide services to the consumer more accurately and effectively without failing 24*7 hours. This work proposes a component based exception handling framework for SOA based services to handle faults in webservices and repair the faults in webservices in order to provide smooth and efficient services. A set of diversity and repair actions are also proposed that provides normal resolution of services from manual breakdown of services. In the framework all the stack of webservice standards are used along with fault tolerance capability in existing webservice architecture. Mainly, proposed framework uses components that is Agent for maintaining replicas and Controller for fault detection, fault notification and fault confinement in order to provide fault tolerance in existing webservice architecture.

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