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Distributed Data Management Service for VPH Applications

Distributed Data Management Service for VPH Applications For many medical applications it is challenging to transparently access large datasets, often hosted across different domains on heterogeneous infrastructures. Homogenizing the infrastructure to simplify data access is unrealistic, therefore, it is important to elaborate a distributed storage which doesn’t introduce added complexity. The main objective of this research is to investigate a solution that flexibly federates data on clouds or grids without any changes to the existing infrastructure and to be able to scale with the increasing data demand. Unlike existing approaches, ours isn’t bound to a specific technology and doesn’t require from administrators, users or application developers additional effort to federate and use the storage infrastructure. The elaborated system is implemented on the VPH-Share infostructure. As an example, we present a cardiac anatomy analysis workflow which uses the proposed solution to support a novel diagnostic method to characterize the shape of the heart.

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