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Test orchestration a framework for Continuous Integration and Continuous deployment

Test orchestration a framework for Continuous Integration and Continuous deployment The enterprises follow Agile Software Development methodology to because business requirements changes frequently. In Agile Software Development methodology, it is essential to continuously integrate the component into a main trunk of a project to test the new component of the system. Then test all the component of the project; this happens frequently so it needs to stream line processes to orchestrate the tests. So it is difficult to manage the software development life cycle for those changes and maintain the software code quality. To maintain the product quality it is essential to integrate the product component and need to deploy a product on pre-production environment and test the product. Hence the need for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery process for software product. The popularization of DevOps, and cloud computing has revolutionized the software delivery process- making it faster and affordable for business to release their software continuously. Hence Enterprises need for reliable and predictable delivery process of software. The objective of the paper is to design an effective framework for automated testing and deployment to help to automate the code analysis, test selection, test scheduling, environment provisioning, test execution, results analysis and deployment pipeline. Test orchestration framework typically very complicated to develop such pipeline to make software reliable, and bug free. For environment provisioning can be provided through virtualization andcloud computing.

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