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Google based hybrid approach for discovering services

Google based hybrid approach for discovering services The Current description standards for Web Services such as WSDL and UDDI have a significant drawback of being restricted to the syntactic aspects of service. A service provider registers a servicein the universal repository i.e. UDDI so that the service consumers can search and discover the required service that meets the user functional requirements from thousands of registered services. Matching the user request with all services in a particular category of the repository is a cumbersome task. Semantic approaches are required to further assist the user in discovering relevant services. In this paper, we have proposed a semantic approach that gives ranked list of services based on the webbased relatedness score and helps the users in the selection of potentially relevant and semantically similar services within a category. The proposed approach has been implemented on 80 OWLSservices and the results have shown that the approach gives ranked list of services with ease of the selection process for the user.

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