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PSO: An approach to multiobjective VLSI partitioning

PSO: An approach to multiobjective VLSI partitioning In this paper multiobjective optimization problem simultaneously optimized using PSO algorithm has been attempted. The methodology used in this paper is based upon the information sharing and movement of swarms or particles in a search space. Multiobjective optimization problems are present at physical design level at partitioning process of VLSI circuit optimization. Here present the results of multiobjective optimization of cutsize, delay and sleep time simultaneously using swarm technique (PSO). Results in this paper shows that the NP hard problem effectively solved by PSO algorithm. Here set up the problem as a simultaneously multiobjective optimization and solve it by programming method. Information of the circuit has been given in accordance with circuit netlist files used in ISPD’98 circuit benchmark suite. The proposed approach has a good potential in VLSI circuit partitioning.

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