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The mobile-cloud computing (MCC) roadblocks

The mobile-cloud computing (MCC) roadblocks Cloud computing is a great business idea and in the past many years this idea has blossomed into a major segment in IT industry. Enterprises, irrespective of size, have either adopted cloud or planning to adopt cloud. In today’s Smartphone era, mobile technology is a perfect match to leverage cloudcomputing, the later inherently addressing the limitations of the former. With cloud computing, data and related processing can be offloaded to cloud and the processed information can be consumed through mobile devices. This collaboration is aptly named as mobile cloud computing. To make the mobile cloudecosystem to work seamlessly is a big challenge in itself. Adopting cloud implies placing business critical applications and sensitive data out to a third party cloud vendor, which has major security implications. With mobile devices, the threat may be stronger than ever. This paper discusses the various mobile cloud challenges that pose potential roadblocks for mobile cloud collaboration.


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