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An enhancement to CloudSim via distributed data storage

An enhancement to CloudSim via distributed data storage The advent of cloud computing technology has made its presence effectively felt in various application areas such as business, industry, scientific, administrative, astronomy, high-energy physics, information, education etc. Its capability of meeting the various continuously changing demands in all fields makes it increasingly popular. In order to use cloud computing technology, the user has to make him/her familiar with the various facets of the technology through the simulators, which serve as training assets to familiarize the users with the real time scenario. Among the various cloud simulators available, the widely used CloudSim 3.0.3 is considered for analysis. This version of the simulator proposed in the paper uses hard drive storage, with new features in data storage being included to achieve distributed storage resulting in load balancing across the nodes. The method helps achieve reduction in data migration and mitigate data loss in case nodes crash.

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