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Non-homogeneous cloud computing environment by statistical analysis

Non-homogeneous cloud computing environment by statistical analysis Cloud computing environment is modernizing the entire IT industries, good-performance computing(GPC), private data storage and managing by providing high privacy. Computing power will be provided to the cloud as a valuable aspect, similar as power resources. Service providers like Amazon Google etc would be preserving, revising and overseeing the resources. For little businesses or the businesses which have financial issues or which don’t have particular abilities to handle the radical changes incomputing technology. Use of cloud for GPC could mostly minimize the charge of possession by dismissing the requisites to maintain full-size parallel machines and its cooling system and its power sources. From the cost-effectiveness point of view, there are interactions of process in conditions of stipulation of resources for an objective job can be parallelized. We are going to use statistical analysis, that to achieve better performance in a different cloud infrastructures, and also to formulate the node’s least response time must not be more than three times that of the node’s highest response time.

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