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Clustered based VM placement strategies

Clustered based VM placement strategies Virtual machine consolidation includes issues like choosing appropriate algorithm for VM selection for migration and placement of VMs to suitable hosts. The reason for migration is caused due to the overutilization or underutilization of physical hosts. Virtual machines are needed to be migrated from overutilized host to guarantee that the demand for computer resources and performance requirements are accomplished. Migration from underutilized host is needed to deactivate that host for saving power consumption. In order to solve the problem of energy and performance, efficient dynamic VM consolidation approach is introduced in literature. In this work, we have proposed multiple redesigned VM placement algorithms and introduced a technique to migrate VMs by clusters by taking into account both CPU utilization and allocated RAM. We ran our simulation on a cloud computing simulation toolkit known as CloudSim using PlanetLab workload data. We make an extensive performance analysis against the default VM placement technique that could be found in ColudSim architecture.

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