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SaCoseg: Object Cosegmentation by Shape Conformability

SaCoseg: Object Cosegmentation by Shape Conformability In this paper, an object cosegmentation method based on shape conformability is proposed. Different from the previous object cosegmentation methods which are based on the region feature similarity of the common objects in image set, our proposed SaCoseg cosegmentation algorithm focuses on the shape consistency of the foreground objects in image set. In the proposed method, given an image set where the implied foreground objects may be varied in appearance but share similar shape structures, the implied common shape pattern in the image set can be automatically mined and regarded as the shape prior of those unsatisfactorily segmented images. The SaCoseg algorithm mainly consists of four steps: 1) the initial Grabcut segmentation; 2) the shape mapping by coherent point drift registration; 3) the common shape pattern discovery by affinity propagation clustering; and 4) the refinement by Grabcut with common shape constraint. To testify our proposed algorithm and establish a benchmark for future work, we built the CoShape data set to evaluate the shape-based cosegmentation. The experiments on CoShape data set and the comparison with some related cosegmentation algorithms demonstrate the good performance of the proposed SaCoseg algorithm.

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