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Clatter diminishing for mobile telephony

Clatter diminishing for mobile telephony This paper discusses about the application of denoising process for mobile phones. Mobile phones are often used in noisy environments such as noisy street, cafe, or in a moving car/train. The attribute of speech can be degraded by the background noise. The spectral subtraction method is considered to be the popular method of noise reduction in speech signal. The performance of the original speech signal is improved by processing the signal based on the type of background noise, through that the performance can be enhanced. The objective of the paper is to separate the noise that is present in the original speech signal in various environments of mobile phone users. To enrich the speech signal, Wavelet based Spectral Subtraction (WSS) is introduced to reduce the background interference. The extracted signal will be used to detect the type of noise. The WSS utilizes both low and high frequency components. The performance of WSS will be evaluated and calculated by Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR).

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