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Embedding QR code in color images using halftoning technique

Embedding QR code in color images using halftoning technique The grow of smart phone and mobile devices market, has created a new set of opportunities for companies to develop new publicity strategies. One of the most widespread forms of engaging mobile users from printed materials is based on the use of QR codes, which have been adopted for many different applications such as accessing web sites or downloading premium content. In this research work, we will be performing embedding QR code into color image and hiding information using QR code, in order to make them visually appealing to the user while maintaining acceptable decoding robustness. In contrast to previous approaches the methods presented here allows to automaticallyembedding QR codes into color, grayscale or binary images. These embedding are designed to be compatible with standard decoding applications and can be applied to any color image with full area coverage. The embedding problem is solved by the integration of halftoning method. Finally, we show experimental results of halftoning of color image, embedded QR code image in color image and decoded QR code image from color image.

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