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Multicast WebSDR implementation using RTL-SDR

Multicast WebSDR implementation using RTL-SDR The advent of internet provides better solution for many real time problems mainly audio streaming. Fast development in internet provides the pathway for accessing audio signals of the remote place. Software Defined Radio creates the platform of WebSDR, which provides the solution of online audio streaming. WebSDR allows many users to tune and listen simultaneously via internet. So far in the Indian sub-continent, there is no service of WebSDR server. In this paper, WebSDR server is created on Linux platform. This audio streaming platform helps in solving social problems during the course of disaster and flood. This server is created using RTL – SDR 2832U as the hardware platform which receives signals via a newly modeled omni directional antenna. Initially, the server is designed for 20 MHz bandwidth with the operating frequency of 90 MHz.

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