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Theoretical modelings for mobile web service QoE assessment

Theoretical modelings for mobile web service QoE assessment As significant growth in mobile data services and demands emerges, mobile Quality-of-Service (QoS) as well as mobile Quality-of-Experience (QoE) receive rapidly growing attentions from both academia and industry. This paper throws light upon various relations between mobile web QoS and QoE according to different kinds of web services, from a comprehensive point of view. We proposes an integrated mobile web QoE assessment method in a fine-grained manner. Works presented in previous literatures are first discussed, and then it is demonstrated that a dual-process theory in QoE assessment which separates the whole process into two rather independent ones, aligning closely with reality. Next, relations between system capability and user perception are studied through mathematical models, and these relations are demonstrated with functions of MOS and waiting time acquired in the dual-process model. The theoretical models proposed in this paper are then proved applicable for mobile web QoE assessment by comparisons conducted between results of our experiments and those of classic ones.

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