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SL qZSI with PMSG wind conversion system

SL qZSI with PMSG wind conversion system In this paper, a standalone wind energy conversion system along with switched inductor quasi impedance source inverter is proposed. Wind energy system is chosen because of its sustainability and commercial potential. Permanent magnet synchronous generator is used as there is no need of separate excitation and maintenance. Also Optimum Power technique is incorporated to improve MPPT of wind energy conversion system (WECS).The main objective of this paper is to improve the wind energy conversion system by implementing switched inductor quasi-z-source inverter and battery energy system. Switched inductor quasi-z-source inverter has high efficiency and the input current is continuous, suppresses inrush current and avoids shoot through fault in inverter when compared to Z-source inverter based wind energy conversion system. An effective control technique for the inverter, based on the pulse width modulation (PWM) method, has been developed namely Simple Boost Modulation technique to balance the line voltages. The proper control of battery current through converter has been done to reduce the electrical torque pulsation of the PMSG under an unbalanced load condition.

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