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Risk-Driven Framework for Decision Support in Cloud Service Selection

Risk-Driven Framework for Decision Support in Cloud Service Selection The growth in the number of cloud computing users has led to the availability of a variety of cloud based services provided by different vendors. This has made the task of selecting suitable set of services quite difficult. There has been a lot of research towards the development of suitable decision support system (DSS) to assist users in making an optimal selection of cloud services. However, existing decision support systems cannot address two crucial issues: firstly, the involvement of both business and technical perspectives in decision making simultaneously and, secondly, the multiple-cloudsservices based selection using single DSS. In this paper, we tackle these issues in the light of solving the problem of cloud service discovery. In particular, we present the following novel contributions: Firstly, we present critical analysis of the state-of-the-art in decision support systems. Based on our analysis, we identify critical shortcomings in the existent tools and develop the set of requirements which should be met by a potential DSS. Secondly, we present a new holistic framework for the development of DSS which allows a pragmatic description of user requirements. Additionally, the data gathering and analysis is studied as an integral part of the proposedDSS and therefore, we present concrete algorithms to assess the data for an optimal service discovery. Thirdly, we assess our framework for applicability to cloud service selection using an industrial case study. We also demonstrate the implementation and performance of our proposed framework using a prototype which serves as a proof of concept. Overall, this paper provides novel and holistic framework for development of a multiple cloud service discovery based decision support system.

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