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Fault-Tolerant and Elastic Streaming MapReduce with Decentralized Coordination

Fault-Tolerant and Elastic Streaming MapReduce with Decentralized Coordination The MapReduce programming model, due to its simplicity and scalability, has become an essential tool for processing large data volumes in distributed environments. Recent Stream Processing Systems (SPS) this model to provide low-latency analysis of high-velocity continuous data streams. However, integrating MapReduce with streaming poses challenges: first, the runtime variations in data characteristics such as data-rates and key-distribution cause resource overload, that in-turn leads to fluctuations in the Quality of the Service (QoS), and second, the stateful reducers, whose state depends on the complete tuple history, necessitates efficient fault-recovery mechanisms to maintain the desired QoS in the presence of resource failures. We propose an integrated streaming MapReduce architecture leveraging the concept of consistent hashing to support runtime elasticity along with locality-aware data and state replication to provide efficient load-balancing with low-overhead fault-tolerance and parallel fault-recovery from multiple simultaneous failures. Our evaluation on a privatecloud shows up to 2.8x improvement in peak throughput compared to Apache Storm SPS, and a low recovery latency of 700 — 1500 ms from multiple failures.

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