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Vision based flying robot with sensing devices for multi-purpose application

Vision based flying robot with sensing devices for multi-purpose application There is currently a limited diversity of vehicles capable of Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL). However there is a visible interest by scholars and admirers of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for a particular type of aircraft called flying robot. This work aims precisely at the design and control of a vision based quadrotor prototype having a PICK and PLACE system, wireless sensors with GSMModule. The goal of our application is to design and construct a flying robot capable of outdoor and indoor flight and hover. Through the use of an integrated system, the vehicle would be capable hover capabilities, through pre-programmed flight paths and carry certain payload. A flying robot is an quadcopter whose lift is generated by four rotors. Control of such air-craft is accomplished by varying the speeds of the four motors relative to each other. We are using image subtraction detection technique to detect the object in the images captured by camera on a flying robot and implementation of this algorithm is done by using MATLAB. The vehicle consists of night vision cameras for surveillance, position tracking device, wireless sensors with GSM Module. A highly stable vehicle is designed and fabricated with all these various applications. Implementation of sensing devices such as motion sensor, LDR sensor, Fire sensor & temperature sensor in the networks using KEIL software with the use of GSM Module as a communicating device for data transmission.

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