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Cloud Computing for Emerging Mobile Cloud Apps

Cloud Computing for Emerging Mobile Cloud Apps The tutorial will begin with an explanation of the concepts behind cloud computing systems, cloudsoftware architecture, the need for mobile cloud computing as an aspect of the app industry to deal with new mobile app design, network apps, app designing tools, and the motivation for migrating apps tocloud computing systems. The tutorial will review facts, goals and common architectures of mobilecloud computing systems, as well as introduce general mobile cloud services for app developers and marketers. This tutorial will highlight some of the major challenges and costs, and the role of mobilecloud computing architecture in the field of app design, as well as how the app-design industry has an opportunity to migrate to cloud computing systems with low investment. The tutorial will review privacy and security issues. It will describe major mobile cloud vendor services to illustrate how mobile cloudvendors can improve mobile app businesses. We will consider major cloud vendors, such as Microsoft Windows Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform. Finally, the tutorial will survey some of the cuttingedge practices in the field, and present some opportunities for future development.

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