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Tunable Version Control System for Virtual Machines in an Open-Source Cloud

Tunable Version Control System for Virtual Machines in an Open-Source Cloud Open-source cloud platforms provide a feasible alternative of deploying cloud computing in low-cost commodity hardware and operating systems. To enhance the reliability of an open-source cloud, we design and implement CloudVS, a practical add-on system that enables version control for virtual machines (VMs). CloudVS targets a commodity cloud platform that has limited available resources. It exploits content similarities across different VM versions using redundancy elimination (RE), such that only non-redundant data chunks of a VM version are transmitted over the network and kept in persistent storage. Using RE as a building block, we propose a suite of performance adaptation mechanisms that make CloudVS amenable to different commodity settings. Specifically, we propose a tunable mechanism to balance the storage and disk seek overheads, as well as various I/O optimization techniques to minimize the interferences to other co-resident processes. We further exploit a higher degree of content similarity by applying RE to multiple VM images simultaneously, and support the copy-on-write image format. Using real-world VM snapshots, we experiment CloudVS in an open-source cloud testbed built on Eucalyptus. We demonstrate how CloudVS can be parameterized to balance the performance trade-offs between version control and normal VM operations.

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