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Images using Embedded Block Coding Optimization Truncation(EBCOT)

Images using Embedded Block Coding Optimization Truncation(EBCOT) Images are compressed using lossy and lossless compression schemes to utilize the Bandwidth in an effective way and also to provide enough space for storing voluminous data. Fractal Image Compression (FIC), is one such lossy compression scheme based on contractive mapping theorem. Affine transforms are being employed in Fractal Image compression to map the range blocks and domain blocks incorporating the property of self similarity in the images. As there is a need to enhance the performance measures like compression ratio (CR) and peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR), an attempt is made in this research paper to analyze FIC using Quad-tree Partitioning technique andEmbedded Block Coding Optimization Truncation (EBCOT) technique for Medical Images. Here in this paper FIC with EBCOT is being implemented on Medical Images like CT of Bone and MR Images of Brain and the Performance measures like CR, PSNR at different Threshold Values were measured. Mat lab simulated results for these Performance Measures showed that the PSNR and CR is high when FIC is performed along with EBCOT Encoding.

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