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Cloud computing based substantiation structure

Cloud computing based substantiation structure We are living in a technology savvy world, where everything is possible to do rather than to create a new life. With the help of technology we have achieved the big goals. With the increase in technology frauds are also increasing due to which the deserving person will not get his right and technology is extroverting it as with the new technology everything like certification, passport and license etc. can be made duplicate which is a very big crime and the people having wrong intuitions, making this crime for their own use. We all know the proverb diamond cuts diamond then why we cannot use this technology to halt it. In this paper we provide a comprehensive study of cloud computing and frauds in IT sector as well as in Government sector. It also explores certain benefits of cloud computing and fraud related to some fields and proposed an idea to overcome these types of frauds with concern with cloudcomputing to some extent it explores how to overcome the duplicity of certifications as well as confidential information of a person due to which frauds reduces.

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