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The Novel Technique For Channel Security using UART

The Novel Technique For Channel Security using UART In the field of communication to achieve the secured communication is the biggest challenge. The conventional techniques of transmission provide transmission efficiency but does not able to have total secured communication because of dynamic properties of channel. In this project paper after studying dynamic behavior channel we proved that this is “The Novel Technique for Channel Security”. UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) is a serial communication protocol; mostly used for long-distance, high speed, low-cost data exchange between computer and peripherals. UART includes three basic modules which are the baud rate generator, receiver and transmitter. The UART implemented with VHDL language can be integrated into the FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) to achieve compact, stable and reliable data transmission. It is also significant for the design of SOC. In this project Paper we are concentrating on one of the most secured way of serial communication by automatic generation and detection of Baud Rate. To achieve auto bauding we adopt configuration of UART using FPGA. Due to autobauding continuous variation of baud rate by baud generator is detected by uart (receiver) but not by microcontroller (intruder). Original form of data is different than what faulty receiver collects. This system is reconfigurable and scalable and it is used to reduce the synchronization error between the subsystems with in a system.

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