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Quantifying the Cloud Computing Reliability Using a Randomizer

Quantifying the Cloud Computing Reliability Using a Randomizer Cloud computing is providing different types of services anytime as per its users demand from anywhere through the Internet and hence gaining more and more popularity day by day. With the help ofcloud computing, efficient utilization of computing resources is maximized to a great extent. It provides a virtual and programmable infrastructure. Resources are the root of cloud computing, which are provided to the cloud users on demand. As the adaptation of cloud computing is increasing constantly and the end users demand 24/7 access to their services, it becomes a challenge for the cloud service provider to pay deep attention to provide as much reliable services as possible i.e. To provide failure free services. Reliability of a component is the probability of its failure free working. Therefore, reliability of cloud computing depends on the reliability of the individual resources of cloud. So, it is important that reliability of each cloud component must be quantified. In this paper, we have proposed a mechanism for quantifying the reliability of cloud components like virtual machines. Reliability of cloud is dynamic in nature. That is why, its quantification should also be a dynamic process. Reliability of a component can be quantified from its history. Here, we have used a randomizer for quantifying the cloud reliability.

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