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Biometric encryption to enhance confidentiality in Cloud computing

Biometric encryption to enhance confidentiality in Cloud computing Virtualization technology is the base technology used in Cloud computing. Therefore, virtualization enables Cloud computing to provide hardware and software services to the users on demand. Actually, many companies migrates to the Cloud computing for many reasons such as capabilities of processor, bus speed, size of storage, memory and managed to reduce the cost of dedicated servers. However, virtualization and Cloud computing contain many security weaknesses that affects the biometric data confidentiality in the Cloud computing. Those security issues are VM ware escape, hopping, mobility, diversity monitoring and etc. Furthermore, the privacy of a particular user is an issue in biometric data i.e. the face reorganization data for a famous and important people. Therefore, this paper proposed biometric encryption to improve the confidentiality in Cloud computing for biometric data. Also, this paper discussed virtualization for Cloud computing, as well as biometrics encryption. Indeed, this paper overviewed the security weaknesses of Cloud computing and how biometric encryption can improve the confidentiality in Cloud computing environment. Apart from this, confidentiality is enhanced in Cloudcomputing by using biometric encryption for biometric data. The novel approach of biometric encryption is to enhance the biometric data confidentiality in Cloud computing.

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