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Distortion minimize of streaming video in multiclient network

Distortion minimize of streaming video in multiclient network Streaming is a delivery of data from server to clients. The data is in form of packets in heterogeneous client environment packet would delay and lost. Multiclients finds its application in wide range of domains which includes 3G cellular networks and ISM band connect to multiradio clients where clients get confidentiality of connecting with server. This includes detecting the connection of heterogeneous clients in the network. Packet delayhappens while streaming of video inmulticlients network aims to distort video which effects on quality. Analysis ofpackets delay or packet loss while streaming from server to client communicated between the nodes and works fine if every packets. The proposedsystem targets to disclose the distortion of anonymous frames in a WLAN network where Heuristic Algorithm is employed for packet loss and packet delay detection. The proposed work will find out the packet delay and packet loss of a frame for the analyzed video. The results can be obtained in windows form where each server windows associated with delivery and clients represents connection and packet delay or loss is reduced. The work completed up till now includes access network connection in static manner and analyzing video when it is completely deliver to client.

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