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No Fault Found: The root cause

No Fault Found: The root cause No Trouble Found (NTF) has been discussed for several years [1]. An NTF occurs when a device fails at the board/system level and that failure cannot be confirm by the component supplier. There are several explanations for why NTFs occur, including: device complexity; inability to create system level hardware/software transactions which uncover hard to find defects; different environments during testing (power, thermal, noise). More recently a new concept, No Fault Found (NFF), has emerged. A NFF represents a defect which cannot be detected by any known means so far. The premise is that at some point the defect will be exposed – most likely at a customer site when the device is in a system. Given that we looking for a defect that we know nothing about and are theoretically undetectable it will be interesting to see what the panel has to say about the nature of these defects and how we intend to find them.

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