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Latency-aware composition of Virtual Functions in 5G

Latency-aware composition of Virtual Functions in 5G The adoption of the virtualization paradigm in both computing and networking domains portends a landscape of heterogeneous service capabilities and resources pervasively distributed and interconnected and deeply integrated through the 5G network infrastructure. In this service ecosystem, dynamic service demand can be flexibly and elastically accomplished by composing heterogeneous services provisioned over a distributed and virtualized resource infrastructure. Indeed, with the term Virtual Functions we refer to virtual computing as well as network service capabilities (e.g., routers and middlebox functions provided as Virtual Network Functions). In order to cope with the increasingly resource intensive demand, these virtual functions will be deployed in distributed clusters of small-scale datacenters typically located in current exchanges at the network edge and will supplement those deployed in traditional large cloud datacenters. In this work we formulate the problem of composing,computing and networking Virtual Functions to select those nodes along the path that minimizes the overall latency (i.e. network and processing latency) in the above mentioned scenario. The optimization problem is formulated as a Resource Constrained Shortest Path problem on an auxiliary layered graph accordingly defined. The layered structure of the graph ensures that the order of VFs specified in the request is preserved. Additional constraints can be also taken into account in the graph construction phase. Finally, we provide a use case preliminary evaluation of the proposed model.

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